You are here: Why should you consider having an Electrical Report?

Many people buy properties without having the electrics checked out. But is it a risk worth taking?

Some home buyers feel it is another bill at an already expensive time while others think it is unnecessary, especially if the property is modern. But the reality is, regardless of the age of the property, it is impossible to be sure if the electrics are safe, or need upgrading, without inspection and testing by a registered electrician.

Electricity is the major cause of accidental fire in the UK, so it is important to check if there are any defects or deterioration which could be dangerous. Some properties many need a new consumer unit (fuse box) to comply with current safety standards. Older properties may need complete rewiring costing thousands of pounds.  A home buyer’s survey will advise if an electrician should carry out an inspection and testing before contract exchange. 

Property surveyors are not electricians. Only a registered electrician can say if the electrics are safe or dangerous.

To find an electrician in your local area, click here. It is a good idea to get at least three estimates as electricians vary in the fees they charge.  

There is no legal requirement for an electrical report when buying or selling a property. But it is essential for buy-to-let landlords who need safety certificates to rent legally.  They are recommended to have regular inspections, for example when tenants move in or every five years. On completion of the inspection, an Electrical Installation Conditions Report will be issued.

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