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The first thing you must do is make sure that you and your family are safe.  If the problem is such that it has made your home potentially unsafe - you need to leave the premises until a suitably qualified professional has assessed the situation.

Electric Meter
Electric Meter

Who do I need to call out?

If your problem is Electrical, you will need to call a Registered Electrician who also offers Emergency Call out.  It is important to make sure that the Electrician you choose is Registered with a Professional body and that they are suitably qualified and experienced to carry out the work you need doing.

If your problem is Structural, for example a crack has appeared or grown significantly bigger or an area of your property appears to be sinking into the ground, then you will need to contact a Structural Engineer. They will be able to assess the problem and advise on possible solutions. You can appoint Structural Engineers to look at a specific problem (known as a Specific Structural Inspection) or, if the problem is more widespread, they can do an overall Inspection of your property (known as a General Structural Inspection)They will often also be able to carry out any Structural Calculations you may need.

Asbestos roof
Asbestos roof

What do I do if find Asbestos?

If you have Asbestos in your property, it is important that is checked out by a suitably qualified Asbestos Surveyor. Tests may need to be carried out on the Asbestos, which need to be done at an approved test facility and in some cases it may be necessary for it to be removed. This will need to be done by an approved Asbestos Removal company to ensure that all of the necessary Health and Safety considerations are met.

What about problems outside my home?

Your problem may not actually be in your home, but still causing you problems. For example you may have drains that have been damaged but you don't know how it happened.  In cases such as these, it is well worth investing in a CCTV Drainage Report to establish the root cause, as this may have an impact on any future Insurance Claim. If you have trees close to your home and you believe they may be having an impact - an Aboriculturist will be able to carry out a survey of the trees present and make recommendations as to whether they need to be removed or not.

If you are having problems with your home, you may need to find experts to help. Clicking on the links below will instantly give you contact details for experts in your local area: